A technologist seeking meaningful work, challenging problems, and an inspiring team.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate




Most Recent Project

Web System Migration


My typical tools of choice include:

Open source matters. I feel a deep sense of gratitude to the open source communities that have produced many of the applications I use in the solutions I build. I look forward to making my first open source contribution this year.

Remote Work

I worked remotely from the countryside of Maine for 4 years before accepting my current full time on site office workplace role.

I prefer to use google hangouts, docs, slack and other apps for collaborating both in real-time and asynchronously with my colleagues and clients.

I love the freedom to live where I choose, and have seen the efficiencies that the remote collaboration workflow can bring.

I learned from experience that working remotely works better for me when I work from an office that is not also my home.


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Infrequently Asked Questions

If you could have one super power (and only one), which one would you choose?

If I could have one and only one super power, it would be the ability to wield stone through telekenesis. Stone is a long term material. It is sturdy and will stand the test of time. I seek to create a lasting postive effect on the world, and that's why this super power appeals to me. Which one would you choose?